Education and the Future

2060: Green living in Germany

Germany can look back over a long tradition of garden design and landscaping, which has inspired sustainable projects and actions aimed at promoting green living in our cities.

Through training, we pass on this knowledge to the next generation. The dual training system that combines theory and practice has become a real German export hit. New technologies and professional training are the two topics covered in our "Growing ideas – made in Germany" exhibition located in the greenhouse.

Take place behind a vintage school desk and learn about our training programmes in horticulture and landscape gardening.

Listen to what our life-size protagonists have to say about their daily work as a trainee, greengrocer or systems technician.

Along the planted rows in the greenhouse, we present projects that are bound to shape the future of horticulture, such as an automated asparagus harvesting system, robot swarms in cultivation, big data collection by means of GPS and many more ground-breaking ideas.