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Cities become green habitats

Moritz Schreber, Ernst Innozenz Hauschild and Heinrich Karl Gesell are the founders of the allotment garden movement that began in the mid-19th century in Germany. To honour these great innovators, we have put their busts on display.

Appalled by the poor and cramped living conditions of city dwellers, they initiated a movement promoting allotment gardens as green oases for adults and playgrounds for children. At the audio stations, you can hear what moved these great men and how their ideas sparked a popular movement.

In 1865, the first allotment gardens were opened in Leipzig, and a few years later, the first allotment gardeners' association was established there. The project soon found imitators in many other German cities, and allotments have remained popular ever since. For many city dwellers, there small garden is the perfect place to meet with family, relax and leave daily stress behind while growing their own produce. More and more people want to be closer to nature, a trend that can be best summed up with "Live Green, Live Better".

During a stroll through the allotment hut, you learn about the tradition of urban horticulture and the current design and use of allotment gardens in Germany. Imaginary allotment owners tell you about their produce and tools, and give you an insight into their lives in their private little green paradises in the middle of the city.