Horticulture in Life

City living – close to nature

Bees are vital for our ecosystem! We need bees also in our cities. Without bees, humanity cannot survive – and what does harm to bees does harm to us all. Around 80 per cent of all plants in Germany depend on bees as pollinators.

Apiaries in cities play an important role in our urban ecosystems. The worldwide collapse of bee colonies is also affecting China. As monoculture farming is believed to be one of the main causes behind the problem, the promotion of mixed cultures and habitats for bees is a pressing issue. 

Test your knowledge about bees at our bee quiz panel and discover how valuable these insects are for us and our environment. Look inside a beehive and listen to the explanations given at the audio station

On our roof garden, we showcase a number of innovative ideas for urban greening projects and areas planted specifically for bees.