German Culture Days from 19 to 26 August 2019

The German Culture Days will be taking place from 19 to 26 August at the German Garden exhibition during the Beijing Expo. The event will be seeing a variety of VIPs as well as musical highlights and a variety of fascinating presentations for visitors to enjoy.

Presentation week from 19 to 25 August 2019

Our exciting presentation week at the German Culture Days will be focusing on the fascinating topics of nature and the close connection between nature and everyday life.

19 and 20 August 2019
Johannes Hubertus Weber, Stadtbienen eV bee advocates

A dedicated beekeeper and the founder of the Stadtbienen eV bee advocacy association, Hubertus Weber will be holding four to five twenty-minute presentations daily on how important it is to protect our honeybees and wild bees, and the catastrophic consequences that their extinction would have for floral biodiversity for the planet, its animal kingdom and the human race.

21 and 22 August 2019
Sebastian Klein, Solidarische Landwirtschaft community farming

A farmer and member of the organisation Solidarische Landwirtschaft, Sebastian Klein deals with the question of how a new form of production cycle outside the global markets could contribute to the preservation of sustainable farming producing healthy and fresh foods while conserving natural and cultural habitats.

23 and 25 August 2019
Linda Rehn & Team, Essbare Stadt eV community gardening

The Essbare Stadt association has been dedicating its efforts towards creating a vibrant, productive and nature-preserving urban landscape around the city of Kassel since 2009. The community's activities include community gardening with organic vegetable production as well as planting and cultivating fruit and nut trees. Visitors will be given the opportunity to get actively involved in shaping the goals of Essbare Stadt eV in an exciting series of workshops and a planning simulation.

VIPs and musical accompaniment

We especially look forward to Hans-Joachim Fuchtel at the German Culture Days, Parliamentary Secretary of State and Commissioner General of the German Garden exhibition.

A brass band of sixty-one from the Musikverein Stammheim eV and Musikverein Trachtenkapelle Althengstett eV music societies will be playing to visitors on the square in front of the German Garden exhibition and International Pavilion on 25 and 26 August 2019.