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Klöckner: “Cities growing like trees”

Nature and greenery add to quality of life in urban environments. Federal Minister at the Horticultural Expo in China. Grand opening of the German National Day –exhibit on the theme of Seeding the Future – sustainable and liveable urban planning

Hamburg/Beijing, 13 May 2019 – Federal Minister for Food and Agriculture, Julia Klöckner, visited the German Garden for German National Day at the international Horticulture Expo 2019 in Beijing. 

Minister Klöckner issued the following statement: “Our exhibit at the Horticultural Expo is a clear message from our ministry on the contribution Germany and its innovative horticultural and landscaping industry have been making towards sustainable and liveable urban development while creating natural habitats in a variety of ways. The industry is an international pioneer in this area, which is one good reason for the concept of dual training becoming a major export. 

We’re showcasing and supporting this with research funding in fields such as renewable raw materials: Gumboots from maize, car tyres from dandelion – there is an ever-increasing variety of products with high-tech and nature working together. But we also organise information campaigns for consumers. One of them covers the types of plants you can grow on balconies or in gardens to turn urban spaces into a good environment for bees. Bees play a vital role for us. 

This is how we’re contributing to mastering environmental challenges, lowering the burden on our environment, and also meeting society’s expectations. Roof gardens, city apiaries and community gardens are all ways for people to bring nature back into the cities actively with a variety of green initiatives. Everyone can make their own impression of it all here in China. The green facades of the exhibition pavilion show how modern urban design can combine nature and architecture. Plus: The German Garden exhibits some of the areas of outstanding natural beauty in our country, as well as German culture and hospitality.” 

The Horticultural Expo 2019 is taking place from 29 April to 7 October 2019 at the foot of the Great Wall in Yanqing District, which is around 75 km northwest of the centre of Beijing. The Expo site has an area of around 960 hectares with 500 hectares for the exhibition area. Around eight-six countries are taking part in addition to a hundred inland provinces, regions, communities, as well as national and international companies and organisations. Considering how the world's mega-cities are growing in numbers, the Horticultural Expo with the Live Green, Live Bettertheme focuses on advanced gardening and green technologies.

Seeding the Future– the German Garden demonstrates how growing cities can be sustainable and liveable with innovative gardening and landscaping.

National Days offer each participating country at the Expo the opportunity to attract special attention to their own achievements. Major international guests and representatives from political foundations, businesses, associations and the Chamber of Commerce will be attending at German National Day.

The German Garden has been one of the most popular national pavilions at an average of eight thousand visitors per day since the Expo began on 29 April. The German exhibit features a tour of Germany’s natural landscapes modelled on two thousand square metres. The German Pavilion exhibition presents information on innovative technologies and techniques in German horticulture with the latest research results, novel production processes and successful restoration projects.

Frank Bumann, Press Officer of the German Garden at the EXPO 2019 Beijing
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